INLOGIC SOLUTIONS greatest strength is its people. Our team has over 20 years of experience providing highly customized and niche focused consulting solutions.

Who We Are?

IT Consulting for ROI Realization

InLogic is an implementation, support and professional services provider for large as well as SME businesses. We have a track record of providing talent to Fortune 500 companies. Talent doesn´t come easy; yet, we spot and source IT expertise globally for different domains and provide solutions to our clients. We thrive on Intelligent Talent Management to source from entrylevel to senior level IT specialists. In this process, InLogic has successfully established links with many skill centers worldwide to source talent and execute projects in time. InLogic also sources talent from social media platforms. Besides, we leverage ´big data´ to understand the drivers of performance, retention, applying statistical methods for hiring the right talent, and analyzing how pay correlates to performance, etc.

With our expertise we provide consulting services to industries like:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Telecom
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities


Enabling businesses to achieve project goals.
Sourcing IT consultants globally by linking with global talent centers, leveraging in-house IT recruiters.
Leverage diverse, multigenerational workforce.
Bridging skill gaps by training candidates globally and source the same to execute projects across geographies.
Keep pace with economic turbulence and provide creative, cost-wise realistic, and quality wise superior solutions to industries.
Provide mobile workforce for virtual offices.


To become a leading partner for the growth for Fortune 1000, SMEs and Startup businesses globally

About The TEAM

InLogic is the brainchild of a team of two that have extensive expertise in technical sales, account management, and sales engineering. They know the intricacies of IT consulting, FDA regulations, security and clearances to execute projects successfully. Their core strengths lie in integrating business acumen with thought leadership. They exhort businesses to create new benchmarks in operational efficiency through IT. With their vision and growth trend, InLogic continues to raise the bar in being a firm that is customer-centric and one that is trusted for solving today’s complex problems