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Transform Your IT Landscape

Telecom sector is undergoing many churns. Adjacencies, process automation, network management and implementation, data monetization, in the face of following IT implementation challenges require thought leadership and skillful resources:

  • Fixed-mobile convergence, mobile email,video-on-demand, and femtocells calls for new IT systems, modified existing IT system. Eg. The convergence of traditional mobile and fixed circuit-switched networks, toward integrated packet-switched next-generation all-IP networks requires billing models.
  • M&A causes tremendous impact on IT systems. This calls for connecting, merging or splitting different systems/databases.
  • Regulatory requirements like digital archiving and lawful interception calls for changes/modifications in the IT processes and systems.
  • Aligning with digital technologies like Big Data and Analytics, Mobility & Pervasive Computing, Social Media, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Telecom act as the nerve of businesses. The above mentioned challenges calls for exceptional performing team having a track record of delivery excellence. InLogic has the expertise to deliver on these fronts. We invite telecom businesses to transform IT landscape with our expert resources.