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IT Solutions Enabling Seamless & Flexible Collaboration Models

According to IDC Manufacturing Predictions for 2015, the important industry drivers that will shape the manufacturing industry for the next few years are complex value chains, support for market growth, customer centricity, all pervasive connectivity, and data-driven insights. Manufacturers want to be lean, they want IT solutions to:

  • Improve manufacturing results, better asset utilization, and production responsiveness
  • Obtain actionable intelligence from production environment through analytics
  • Optimize resources, assembly schedules, and reduce production delays
  • Infuse manufacturing processes with mobile capabilities
  • Meet safety and regulatory norms

InLogic offers comprehensive IT solutions to meet the requirements of manufacturing sector such as:

  • Industry clouds that enable seamless and flexible collaboration models
  • Micro logistics networks to enable the promise of accelerated delivery for select products and customers.
  • Higher standards for customer service excellence, efficient innovation, and responsive manufacturing
  • Connected products, driving increased software content and the need for systems engineering and a product innovation platform
  • Product-as-a-Service platforms
  • Digitally executed manufacturing

Partner with InLogic to reshape your processes, leverage analytics to obtain/retain market leadership.