INLOGIC SOLUTIONS greatest strength is its people. Our team has over 20 years of experience providing highly customized and niche focused consulting solutions.

Heritage and Values

Consulting, Implementing, and Steering Businesses Towards Excellence

As technology becomes advanced beyond reach, business challenges become increasingly complex and as a result our clients look for a reliable expertise. Responding to this challenge, value of InLogic is centered around providing exceptional consulting services with a customercentric approach. To realize this, we understand the business of the customer, identify the challenges that they face, and define a strategy that would make them incorporate industry best practices. Ultimately this approach leads to tailor a solution that makes our clients the market leaders and best solution providers in their respective domains.

The visionary leadership provided by Nitin Yerreddi and our partnership with experienced IT veterans from all over the world in various technologies enable InLogic to make this happen for various industries. Partner with us to steer your business on the path to excellence.