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Energy Behemoths Can Improve Their Business Effectiveness

Owing to host of challenges emerging from environmental concerns, changing government policies, M&A that calls for integration, and rising consumer expectations, utilities sector is looking for proactive IT solutions from the following technologies.

Big Data: Smart grid development will increase data quantity. Comprehensive IT solutions are required for metering infrastructure (AMI), smart appliances, microgrids, synchrophasors, advanced distribution management, event avoidance, remote asset monitoring, and self-healing networks.

Cloud computing and SaaS: Owing to security and reliability concerns in areas such as smart meter, big data analytics, demand response coordination and GIS utility sector is looking for cloud adoption.

Sensor Technology: Extensive utility adoption is challenged by specific implementation requirements such as electromagnetic shielding, temperature extremes, ruggedization, cyber security and remote access. Answer to this is sensor fusion - the incorporation of onboard digital signal processing and associated software development potential.

In-Memory Computing: Application of in-memory computing (IMC) application infrastructure technologies as enablers inside diverse SW/HW products results in rapid IMC adoption by many risk-averse IT companies.

IT and OT Convergence: Utility sector faces the challenge of the separation between IT and OT (Operational Transformation) management, coupled with the importance of hybrid projects that link IT and OT systems.

Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics to understand the future failure patterns of equipment, or the likely load will enable businesses allocate resources appropriately aiming maximum ROI.

Communication Technology: The distributed nature of utility assets, coupled with the need for more efficient asset management and labor, makes mobility and supporting communication technologies high investment priority areas.

Social Media and Web 2.0: Leveraging social media as a customer acquisition and retention medium.

InLogic constantly analyzes changing technologies and respond with solutions like:

  • Business Intelligence and Performance Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Energy Trading and Risk Management
  • Metering and Meter Data Management

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