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Banking & Finance

Stay Competitive in the Digital Era

The banking sector is undergoing tremendous pressure due to technology changes and digital challenges. Digitized structures and services are revolutionizing the banking sector where:

  • Certain banks have started to sign into their banking applications by using voice and facial recognition systems.
  • People opt cashless on their user’ s’ mobile device
  • Biometric authentication with the iPhone using fingerprints to access the device
  • Big Data technologies improve customer service operations
  • Digital distribution of data in a globalized network
  • Responding to these changes, InLogic wants to align with digital models preferred by customers which are reliable and secure. We have cloud as well as hybrid operating models for the following segments.

    Card: For card issuers, risk mitigating solutions for card issuers, improving their process efficiencies, reducing network problems and increase the speed of transactions.

    Retail: For retail banking, create reliable systems in the backdrop of M&A, changing government regulations. Our solutions are aimed at creating robust distribution channels to attract, broadbase, and retain customers.

    Risk & compliance: Meet regulatory norms such as Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, Solvency II, and GRC requirements and make the banking system compliant to M&A as well as Federal regulations.

    Surveillance: Risk involved in voluminous free trading can lead to manipulation and errors. Our solutions reduces risk involved in manipulations as well as errors in reporting.

    Investment banking: InLogic offers comprehensive solutions to deal issues like Fed regulations (Basel II, STP incorporation) as well as handling low margins, data redundancies, workflow disconnect etc.

    Wealth management: Software packages to help advisors manage client portfolios, relationship management and assets management.

    Banking technology: From simplifying payments with person-to-person transfers to eliminating the need for passwords with voice recognition software; tailored solutions to meet business needs, improved security, improved self help features so that customers doesn’t need to call.

    Clearing/CCP Solutions: Our Clearing/CCP Solutions provides secure platforms for clearing members and end users with reliable cross-asset clearing solutions.

    Reconciliations: InLogic has wide range of solutions for banks which look to replace inflexible legacy systems, utilise SaaS, and build an internal processing utility or outsource the entire transaction processing operation.

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